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Partnership Model
Our business partnership models outlined below are based on a win-win perspective:
Franchise Program   Referral Partnership Model
Private Label Partnership Model   Co-Branded Partnership Model
We have a holistic approach to relationships, whether they refer to employees, vendors, customers or partners. Nurturing long term relationship is of prime importance to us. We know that a small firm or an individual, given the right support, can grow. For all IT entrepreneurs we offer the above models of partnerships that will lead to mutual benefits and prosperity.
What do we bring to the partnership?
We have skilled, experienced, qualified and committed teams of professionals in various web development segments. We have the infrastructure, the establishment, the equipments and the capabilities to take on small or large projects and deliver excellence. We offer full support during software development that continues throughout the product life cycle and even beyond.
How do partners benefit?
With our proven capabilities we take on the entire responsibility of a project starting from negotiations to implementation and support. Partners can simply initiate a lead and then leave it to us to take it up from there, keeping everyone's interests in mind. Partners are assured a share in the revenues, full commitment from our side and at the same time they are free to concentrate on generating more business. A partnership arrangement based on any of the four models, leads to quantum leap in growth, revenues and fame.
Why Partner with us?
We have everything needed for small, medium and enterprise scale project implementation in WWW. We assure quality, timely delivery, total confidentiality and security, cutting edge technologies and full support. Just as much as we value our reputation, we take care to ensure our partners gain in stature and standing through our association. We offer generous revenue sharing models and easy, flexible terms to the smallest individual entrepreneur and well established WWW service providers, who can leave everything to us and focus on more productive activities. The bottom line for all partnership models is steadily increasing revenue flows, exponential growth and a unique status in the market that generates even more business for you.