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As a leading outsourcing company with a base in India, we have everything you need in terms of infrastructure, manpower, skills, communication and support for a professional outsourcing service source.
Why India
Based in India, we draw upon a bank of rich talent drawn from various IT segments. Infrastructure costs, operational costs and manpower costs are low while technological expertise and skills are world class. Whether it is web design and development or web based business application development, whether it is a small project or enterprise level project, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver outstanding results at affordable costs. Besides, we have full support services, available 365 days a year. English is the natural medium of communication and you will find our staff helpful, courteous, knowledgeable and attuned to delivering services to match expectations and give the best ROI. We are flexible, adaptable and you stand to benefit by the experience and skills of a global IT team. We assure confidentiality and security of each project.
Outsourcing Engagement Models
Our aim is to deliver more value on a win-win basis and align services to match each client's requirements. Broad categories of outsourcing engagement models are given below:
Outsource entire project to us for end to end solutions, with full support and maintenance on a fixed cost basis
Fully managed outsourced services
Hire our team to work exclusively on your project on an hourly basis, in coordination with your team for your project, or, if you are an IT service provider, jointly work to deliver superb results to your clients at affordable costs
Time and material model wherein a client typically pays for the skills, equipments and infrastructure costs deployed for his project on a monthly basis.
These are broad lines and within each category we are flexible, adapting each process to suit the project in hand and a client's requirements.
Outsourcing Communication Model
Communications plays a decisive role in smoother and faster completion of a project. We keep communication lines open 24x7, 365 days a year. We adapt communication models to suit regional cultural differences. We have the usual telephone support, mobile phone support, skype support, email support and online chat support. In addition, whenever we start a project we establish a project management routine to post each development and keep clients informed about progress. Clients also have access through online conferencing. All activities are fully backed by detailed documentation recording the progress and interaction, available for review any time.
Outsourcing Delivery Model
Our outsource delivery model is a mix of offsite, offshore team and onsite services fine tuned to each client's specific requirements. The offshore delivery model covers project definition, development, management, communication and implementation done by our teams in consultation with each client to deliver the best within defined budgets. When clients need onsite delivery services, we deploy skilled professionals to their or their client's site, after defining the level and extent of services required in each case. In our hybrid model we mix offsite and onsite delivery models to suit project and client's needs. Offsite and onsite teams coordinate with each other and with the client (when and where needed) to ensure successful outcomes in the shortest possible times. For long term partnership and continuing support, we define customized delivery models, allocating resources and teams with domain expertise to handle the project on an ongoing basis.
Outsourcing Support Model
We give prime importance to support during project conception, design, implementation and importantly, throughout the product lifecycle. We can train your staff and help them take over routine functions, providing support and assistance whenever and wherever needed. Another option is fully managed support model wherein you leave everything to us. Your IT staff is relieved of the burden and you are assured of a high level of technical competence, promptness and skills at affordable costs. You can choose a support model wherein we provide full services for the product and you can choose a model where we fine tune and refine processes as your business evolves and grows. We have a flexible approach and can adapt support models to suit each client's preference in terms of services required and budgets.